Do you have something complicated to communicate? Need to promote or defend a particular position?

Social media is great for headlines and quick links but sometimes detailed communications are what’s needed. My legal training, extensive experience in issues management, and recognised writing skills equip me to help you make your case. I work with your experts to assemble the evidence, set out the facts and clarify the complex.

Reports and reviews, background briefings, policies and positions are my speciality. These foundation materials can then be used by your press, PR, and social media experts as they develop your onward communications.

Make it Clear, Concise and Convincing

Some examples

Here are some of the detailed briefings and position papers I have produced:

  • On obesity and healthy eating for leading food industry members.
  • Setting out the pros and cons of fair trade for a global manufacturer.
  • On advertising to children for an industry body.
  • Responding to high profile media allegations of child labour in the supply chain for an industry body.
  • Setting out nutrition labelling options for a major multinational.
  • On animal welfare for a major poultry breeder.

I have also succeeded in bringing significant complaints against a major bank, an independent financial advisor, various insurance companies and other organisations.


Please note that I do not give legal advice. My previous legal training helps me apply logic not the law.